These are the rides on every biker's bucket list. With no crowds and over 2,000 miles of potential rides, Cook County is a bike and biker’s paradise. From the paved Gitchi Gami State Trail winding along the Lake Superior shore to white-knuckle singletrack to endless backcountry roads threading the Superior National Forest, biking in Cook County, Minnesota is a ride you will never forget.

Lutsen99er Mountain Bike Race – June 23, 2018

A 19, 39, and 99-mile mountain bike race. 

Heartbreak Hill Loop

Distance: 18 miles | 2 – 5 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate 
Heartbreak Hill Loop_LTTA

Description: Over the river and through the woods is the best way to summarize this trail. In the first few miles, you gain a good deal of elevation. This scenic loop crosses the Temperance River multiple times, it is recommended to take the opportunity to park the bike and take a short hike along the river.

Terrain:  This ride blends gravel road adventure with a taste of the Gitchi Gami paved bike trail. Hybrid or mountain bikes are recommended. Be aware that the Sawbill Trail is a well-traveled road and a main route into the inland lakes – be cautious of vehicle traffic.

Onion River Road

Distance: 7 miles round trip* | 30 minutes – 1 hour [*out and back trail] | Difficulty: Easy  
Onion River Road - Route MAP

Description: Easy, family-friendly ride with several fun side-trip opportunities. Several hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobile trails cross through the area. This light traffic gravel road is a gradual climb through a mixed and scenic forest. Please remember riding on the Superior Hiking Trail is not allowed.

Honeymoon Loop  + Spur Trail

Distance: 20 miles |  3 – 5 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate  
Honeymoon Loop_Route Map

Description: A classic Northwoods ride, the Pancore/Honeymoon Loop will give you a taste of the ruggedness of the area. Rated intermediate due to distance but mild for the route.

Terrain: Generally smooth gravel with a few rockier sections on the Pancore Lake Road. Recommended to use a mountain bike but, with caution, a hybrid bike is capable.

Pike Lake Loop + Spur Trail

Distance: 22 miles | Estimated time: 2 – 4 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced  
Pike Lake Loop_Route Map

Description: After a rainstorm, sections of this trail can be very muddy. There are many spur trails and roads, pay close attention to remain on the main trail. Excellent wildlife viewing.

Terrain: Gravel and primitive minimum maintenance road. Mountain bike recommended.

Devil Track Loop

Distance: 18 miles | Estimated Time: 2.5 – 4 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced [route-finding skills needed]  
Devil Track Loop_Route Map

Description: The remote trail is perfect for adventurous mountain bikers. Beautiful 150-year-old white pines line the way. Some logging traffic.

Terrain: Mixed – pavement, gravel and snowmobile trails. Mountain bike recommended.

Pine Mountain Road

Distance: 16 miles round trip* | 1.5 – 3 hours [*out and back trail] | Difficulty: Intermediate  
Pine Mountain Trail_Route Map

Descriptions: The gravel forest service road has some traffic but very minimal and travels past spruce bogs, multiple streams, and towering pines. Great moose habitat.

Terrain: Primitive gravel road. Mountain and hybrid bike suitable.

Fire Box Loop

Distance: 16.7 miles of trail | 2 – 4 hours | Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate  
Fire Box Loop_Route Map

Description: Scenic hilly terrain that is very remote with little to no vehicle traffic. Bring a map and pay attention to the signs, there are numerous spur trails along this route. The ride can be done in either direction.

Terrain: Gravel and forest service roads as well as portions of multiuse trails. Mountain bike recommended.

Lima Grade

Distance: 26.2 miles round trip* | 1.25 – 4 hours [*out and back trail] | Difficulty: Easy  
Lima Mountain Trail_Route Map

Description: A great extended family ride. Elevation climbs very gradually over rivers and through low areas of pine forest. BWCAW borders the trail. Multiple starting points allow for variable distance rides.

Terrain: Gravel road with minimal traffic. Perfect for both mountain and hybrid bikes.

Central Gunflint Trails

Distance: 60+ miles of trails | >1 – 4+ hours | Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

Description: Very remote hilly terrain with little to no road traffic. Map and navigational tools recommended as there are multiple spur trails along the route. Consult either Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge for maps and information.

Terrain: Primarily cross-country ski trails and private gravel roads near the BWCAW. Great terrain for adventurous families with some experience. Ideal for either mountain or fat tire biking.

Old Gunflint Trail

Distance: 9 miles round trip* | 1 – 2 hours [*out and back trail] | Difficulty: Easy  
Old Gunflint Trail_Route Maps

Description: Old Gunflint Trail is County Road 92, a fairly flat trail that passes through a healthy black spruce forest. Part of the trail runs through the Ham Lake fire recovery zone.

Terrain: Gravel road with minimal traffic. Mountain and hybrid bike suitable.

Grand Portage Trails

Several trails are available in the Grand Portage area. Please call 1-800-543-1384 for trail maps and more information.

Pincushion Mountain

Distance: 10+ miles of trail | Estimated Time: >1 – 2 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced  
Pincushion Single Track TrailsRoute Map

Description: A variety of single track trails loop around the multi-use recreation center.

Terrain: Narrow Single-track trails.


Distance: 5.5 miles of trail | >1 – 2 hours | Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced  
Britton Peak Single Track - Route Map

Description: A series of single-track mountain bike adventures await discovery.

Terrain: Narrow single-track trails. Mountain bike required.

Peak Trailsitchi-Gami State Trail | Schroeder – Lutsen Resort

Distance: 10.41 miles each way | 1 – 5 hours | Difficulty: Easy 
Gitchi Gami State Trail

Description: A paved recreational trail to provide a safe corridor for bicyclists, in-line skaters, joggers and walkers along Highway 61, paralleling the North Shore of Lake Superior. The trail can be broken into segments or done in full.

Terrain: Paved multi-use path offers a safe route along the highway but crosses multiple private driveways. Travel with caution then approaching high traffic zones. Any bike can be used on this trail but ideal for road biking.

Backcountry & Forest Service Roads
Countless backcountry gravel roads and trails wind through the Superior National Forest and into some of the most breathtaking country to ever roll beneath your bike. Pick up an official Cook County Highway Map or the official Superior National Forest Visitor Map for a comprehensive list of all roads and trails.

Where to rent bikes, get the gear, take guided tours and more.

Biking Events

Source: Visit Cook County