Promo Codes

Wedding Promo Codes at Eagle Ridge Resort

Welcome to Eagle Ridge Resort! Please keep in mind when booking your stay that our guaranteed check-in time is 4:30 pm, if this impacts your wedding itinerary please consider taking advantage of our 3 for 2 special and arriving a day earlier so that you are able to make the most of your time with us.

To begin a lodging search for your stay, please enter the promo code provided to you by the wedding couple. The search will automatically default to a 2-Night stay which receives our 10% wedding discount, for longer stays please adjust your promo code per the list below.

  • 3-Night Stay {XXXXXXXX3} – 3 for 2 Lodging Special Applied
  • 4-Night Stay {XXXXXXXX4} – 4 for 3 Lodging Special Applied
  • 5-Night Stay {XXXXXXXX5} – 5 for 3 Lodging Special Applied


We look forward to your upcoming visit!